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Focus on providing valuable customer experience while increasing sales and profits.

The car business is more competitive than ever. The pressures created by sleek new players, complex loan processing procedures, and elevated customer experience expectations, create unsustainable demands on independent and franchise dealerships.

At the heart of this challenge is the finance process. Analog, and antiquated, it’s the antithesis of a dynamic and high-performing customer experience and sales environment. To be competitive today, dealers need a system that creates a streamlined experience for all involved, from customer to F&I manager, with less friction, fewer errors and disruptions, and greater realization of the payoff from strong sales.

Solera Auto Finance has made that competitive advantage a reality. A single, streamlined source designed to originate and fund your deals, and deliver the speed, accuracy, and profitability the industry needs.

Please contact your Dealer Sales Manager or the Solera Auto Finance operations center at 833-203-2003 for more information!


Solera Auto Finance is at the heart of the finance process, and empowers a dynamic, high-performing sales environment. From customer to F&I manager, provide a seamless experience with less friction, fewer errors and disruptions, and greater realization of the payoff from strong sales.

  • Increase gross profit.
  • Cut steps in product integrations, as well as reduce organizational friction and expenses that lead to greater profitability.
  • Align interest of customers, sales, front office, and F&I


Solera Auto Finance is your competitive advantage. A single, streamlined source designed to originate and fund deals, and deliver profitability, speed, and accuracy. It’s a reality in a proven dealer platform.

  • Reduce processing and paperwork errors.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Eliminate middlemen in the process.
  • Easy integration with other Solera products that help eliminate mistakes.


With Solera Auto Finance, arthritic loan processing procedures are over. Elevate your game to meet customer experience expectations. Solve for greater revenue and profitability.

  • Close deals more quickly and reduce customer wait times.
  • Accelerate cash flow back to the dealer.
  • Identify lending options more quickly across the credit spectrum.
  • Simplify the lending query process to a single click.

A Rewarding Experience

Solera, through its Solera Auto Finance subsidiary, has developed an industry-first rewards program to help dealers offset the installation and monthly costs of key software services for their dealerships. This benefits dealers by lowering the switching costs and cash outlays for services such as DMS, CRM, marketing and fixed ops solutions, and more, allowing dealers to adopt high-value services while minimizing the financial impact to their business. To ensure you are maximizing your Solera Auto Finance benefits, read more about our rewards program here.

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