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Auto Finance

Meet the most comprehensive streamlined process to originate and fund customer financing

Best-in-class technology meets world-class financial services

Solera, through its Solera Auto Finance subsidiary, is delivering franchise and independent dealerships and their customers another lending option that provides flexibility and accelerates funding to ensure cash flow. Solera Auto Finance’s dedicated team of experts works to match car buyers with the best opportunity to provide Solera Auto Finance services along with compelling rebate and financing dealer programs that can be used to offset fees associated with complementary Solera services.


Empowers a dynamic high-performing sales environment to increase gross profit.


A single, streamlined source designed to originate and fund deals with speed and accuracy.


Elevate your game to meet customer experience expectations and close deals more quickly.

Solera Auto Finance brings Solera’s powerful data-driven approach to finance

Gain a competitive advantage with an auto finance upgrade that lets you deal with confidence.

  • Increase back end gross profit
  • Increase deal speed
  • Accelerate cash flow
  • Increase deal accuracy
  • Reduce Risk

Let Ed be your expert

Ed, powered by Solera Auto Finance, is our in-house AI-driven finance expert for dealership professionals. Ed delivers more than just tech support – Ed makes sure finance deals are originated, streamlined, optimized, detailed, accelerated, and delivered frictionlessly at the speed of Ed.

Ed supports your dealership from end to end.

Where We’re Licensed

Solera Auto Finance is licensed in most states across the country and growing! If we’re not licensed in your state yet, check back for updates as we’re continually adding more states.

Solera Auto Finance is licensed in the states in blue

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Gain a competitive advantage with an auto finance upgrade.

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